Since teachers are the main reason we hate school, it would be cool to witness the time when robots or talking boards completely replace teachers

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The main dislike I had about school was the busy work

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I agree, but every time I've come home in a terrible mood, and everytime I've cried in a bathroom stall has been because of a teacher. so I figured since they seem to do more harm that good, we might as well get rid of them all.

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@bangs I agree, but every time I've come home in a terrible mood, and everytime I've cried in a bathroom stall has been...

Teachers in general do NOT do more harm than good. So you would rather be taught by a robot who you can't relate to and you can't ask questions that don't have concrete answers?

Since when were teachers the reason why we hate school?

Teachers are actually one of the reasons I can even tolerate school..

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The only reason I hate school is because of how early it is.

Woah, woah, woah, teachers are NOT the reason i hate school. It's the other students that ruin it for me.

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I think the majority of people who hate school hate it because of the work, not the teachers.

I tend to like most of my teachers. Waking up early is probably the biggest thing I dislike about school for me.

Teachers aren't why I hate school. I hate it because I'm away from my cat for so long and he starts meowing like crazy when I finally get home. It's so annoying, but I love him anyway. l smilie

Actually I love most of my teachers :) They're just so amazing; trust me. We go out with some of them, some of them are great friends with us, and one of my teachers is like best friends with my older brother and comes over all the time, and a lot of them treat us like their friends and siblings. We joke around in class, and make the best memories. And it's still fun to have the teachers you hate around, this way you get to mess with them. Also it would suck to have robots replace humans as teachers, and then we'll have robots replacing humans as waiters, chefs, hairdressers, etc etc and then humans would run out of jobs and money and will have nothing to do with their life. wait wut

I love my teachers this year, it is as though since we are in secondary 5 (our last year) we get all the best teachers in the school

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