Best word for hangman: Rhythms

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Rhythms is clearly the superior choice because they will waste 5 lives guessing all the vowels to no avail!

Also, Four is difficult for some reason.

On a related note: new way to play hang man. Go behind someone and put your arm around there neck. Everytime they guess a letter wrong tighten your arm around their neck. When they get a letter right loosen it a little. People start freaking out. Fun times

"Jazzy rhythms" is even better

My best is the Dutch word "Angstschreeuw", because it has eight consonants in a row.

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Qat and bdellium are personal favorites.

'Lynx' works pretty well, too. I have killed a great many stickmen with 'lynx'.

Very true! I also like pizzazz. =D

Egypt is my personal favorite ^~^

"Sky" is the best. Not only is it extremely hard to get, but a child could also spell it.

I shall keep this in mind!

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Still, in that so far you're the only one to use this method, as opposed to by-and-large the best method of using vowels like e and a first, that's still only 1 in 7 billion who might get it. I therefore declare "rhythms" as the best choice so far...:-P

Nah. I always guess Wheel of Fortune style with RSTLNE, followed by alternating vowels and consonants, starting with y,i,p,d,a,h,u,g,c,o,m,b, unless I get some hint form the letters. Those are still my top choices, in no particular order (actually the order they appear on a QWERTY for consonants)

Rhythm is harder than rhythms, but, other than 4 or less letters, I find words with 2 or less different vowels and no more than 30% vowels including Y, and few or no extremely common consonants (RSTLN) are hardest. Can't think of any, but I'll knwo one when I see one. As with any rule, there are exceptions.

@B10ckH34d Nah. I always guess Wheel of Fortune style with RSTLNE, followed by alternating vowels and consonants, starting...

"Yip, da hug comb". It's like a ghetto children's storybook about a comb named Yip that goes around hugging stuff. Nobody wants to hug it though, because of its sharp pokey bristles. Finally it comes across hair, and they are the perfect match.

I've heard "doorknob" is hard to get also.

'avocado' is really hard for some reason

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