Fable and Fable TLC had your character age as he got stronger, but stopped ageing at 65. They should have had a story quest or something at ~50 to propel you to like 120 years old so instead of being an old warrior who really should be rather useless, you're now an ancient, which is much more badass, amirite?

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And no, I don't prefer the less pronounced ageing in II and III. Ageing makes the game realistic, but ideally there would be special story quests that advance your age, and upgrades do so little. I'm aware III takes place over a year, but it would be better to have this ageing system and extend the in game time. Who conquers a kingdom in just a year?

Still, it would be better to age 0.3 years for each upgrade than 0.7 in Fable and TLC so you can still be soemwhat young and powerful.

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