Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"

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Yeah, because we all know that body type determines whether someone is a real woman or a real man.

A 'real woman'?

@ThisBlackChick A 'real woman'?

See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvsh...ike-stars.html. She's often held up as an example of a "real woman" by the media due to her being curvy rather than stick thin.

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@Kira See...

In that case, I'd have to disagree. Being curvy doesn't make someone a 'real woman.' Skinny, curvy, fat whatever kind of women are all 'real women.'

I thought she was an imaginary woman.

I don't know whether to YYA because she is a real woman, or to NW on account of no shit, and I don't like the implication that only curvy ladies with boobs and asses are "real women."

As opposed to a real horse?

Her boobs look fake.

@cookiedough Her boobs look fake.

I think the jury's still out on whether they are fake or not. She says they're real but then again I guess that's to be expected.

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omg she's stunning :o

Well I'll be damned. I thought she was a robot this whole time.

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