Chocolate covered pretzels is like heaven in your mouth. Actually, anything that's covered in chocolate is heavenly, amirite?

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Chocolate covered poo.

@Myrania Chocolate covered poo.

for the first 0.276 seconds of eating it

@Myrania Chocolate covered poo.

I don't know why but this made me laugh

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@I don't know why but this made me laugh

I'm glad it did, it only did disgust me when I tried it.

Anything? hello smilie

Sometimes I wish I was a guy so I could make these kind of jokes

No, not penises

@Catbaaned No, not penises

No... Especially chocolate covered penis. What's wrong with you Matt? We should try that soon ;)

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Anything? hello smilie

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Eh, I don't really like salty with sweet, but otherwise I agree.

This made me think about Rugrats when Angelica wanted the chocolate covered cheese. I love both but the combination of the two? puke smilie

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