Why do people abuse children? If they don't want the children they have, give them away. There are tons of potential adoptive parents out there that would love the child and take care of them.

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Why do people kill people? Why do people rape people? Because people are messed up.

From the little research I have done, it has nothing to do with not wanting the child. Some reasons that I have found include a strong desire for power, mental illnesses or disorders, confusion, a desire for order, and interpretation of religion. Furthermore, I have found on a number of psychology sites that the parents actually love their children.

What you need to understand is that when a parent abuses a child, they aren't thinking rationally. There is no logical thought process that leads them into thinking hitting there kid would be okay or even fun. It's an act of anger and mental imbalance. Child abusers often have a terrible superiority complex, or severe depression/anger problems. They don't see that they are causing their child harm and if they do, they don't care and continue to think that they have the right to keep the child.

That's not the reasoning behind child abuse. Parents who abuse their children are mentally insane. They aren't going to simply give away their children as they think that it's perfectly normal to treat them in such a way.