I recently read an article about a 28 year-old daughter in a consensual, incestuous relationship with her father. He's already done time for their relationship, but now that he's out, they're back together. I say they're not hurting anyone else, so leave them to it.

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They could both have serious mental health issues, but if not, what the hell? Doesn't affect me. And like muddyringlets said, as long as they don't have kids.

All kinds of idiots breed every day. Who cares.

@scojo All kinds of idiots breed every day. Who cares.

I wouldn't want my kids growing up in a world of idiots. Then again, I can't do much to stop that.

I'm against incest, but this doesn't affect anyone else and it makes them happy, so why not?

There is no doubt a shit ton of sick emotional manipulation going on, but it's a serious breach of rights to make their relationship illegal. They're two consenting adults. It's okay.

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