The beauty of things can not always be seen from the outside, for instance, the human mind is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful things known to us but it just looks like a hunk of meat, amirite?

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You're making me hungry... then again, it IS almost lunch time here!

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This isn't really relevant in any way at all, but my psych teacher was talking about the human brain the other day, and apparently it smells like blue cheese... And you can see it throbbing if someone lets you open up your head and peek in.

The human mind is beautiful though. Sometimes when I'm studying it, I think, "My mind is studying itself." and have a little moment of awe.

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The brain is beautiful I think. But I think that part of what makes the mind rather than the brain so beautiful is that thoughts themselves are intangible. The limitlessness and impossibilities are things that mare most beautiful to me.

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