Most girls now days don't want to be pretty. They want to be sexy.

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And it's actually no one's business what they prefer.

honestly, I just want to be a lamp.

But then want to be called beautiful or pretty instead of sexy or hot.

What kind of girls do you hang around with?

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I thought this was going to be something inspiring about girls wanting to be clever or smart. But nevermind.

I agree that most girls want that, but I prefer being pretty.

Crap post. You're not even a girl, but even if you were, I don't know where you'd get solid enough evidence to make so absurd a claim.

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I'm clueless of the majority but the majority of girls I know certainly do.

I garuntee that most of my friends would say they would rather be pretty.

Sexy is the new pretty

I want to be beautiful, pretty, sexy, hot, AND smart. Is it really impossible to be all at once? Sexy and beautiful are not opposites. SLUTTY and beautiful are. There's a difference.

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