When your YouTube video gets 100 views it's not much. But if you think about it, one hundred people watched your video. One hundred people. Amirite?

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One hundred views is one hundred views and that's one hundred views.
This must have taken you a while.

@Watchful_questioneer I still don't get it.

He's basically saying that because the internet gives so many people fast access to everything, 100 views doesn't seem like a lot. There are videos with millions of views because of the power of the internet (it even brought down tyrants). But, one hundred views is still a lot if you think about it because in a real, face-to-face situation it is a lot of people. If you crack a joke and the whole class laughs, you would say a lot of people thought it was funny, even though it was only 30 or so people, which, according to our perspective from the internet; is not a lot. The physical presence of one hundred people is a lot. I may have over thought that, and it might not even be what OP was going for, but that's irrelevant (I think).

One hundred views doesn't equal one hundred people though. Like, I'm guessing you watched it yourself a couple times to make sure it uploaded properly, if you linked your friends and family they might have watched it a few times each, someone may have clicked on it thinking it was something else, watched for a few second, then clicked off, that counts as a view.

Or you could have a stalker that just watches your videos over and over.

Or they were all your own views.

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