If you were raped, or would have had a baby with disabilities and decided to get an abortion, it would be terrible to always be seeing signs and hearing protests about "killing a human", when those people don't know your situation in the slightest. This also applies well to homosexuals, cutters, and other minority groups. Our society judges disgustingly harshly about things they do not understand,

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I think people tend to forget that just because you might be offended, it doesn't mean you're right.

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I think this applies to people who had an abortion even if they were not raped or going to have a child with disabilities, also.

roughly 1% of abortion cases doesn't really justify government subsidized facilities for it. They can be done at certain doctors.

While I agree with your notion that our society harshly and unfairly judges those within it I do not support the abortion of children who would have a disability. By making this point you are only furthering judgement and seclusion in our society, people with disabilities are no different to you or I, they merely show their imperfections and life challenges in a different way to those who are able bodied. While I am not judging those who have abortions or homosexuals or the likes I do not support those who look down upon disability.

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When is killing a baby ok?

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Never. I don't see what your point is.

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