People who think the world is gonna end because the Mayans ended their calendar are stupid. Your calendar at home ends too. Amirite?

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I was going to put a lot more reasons for why these people are stupid, but it made the post too long.

The reason they're stupid is because they believe the world will end because everyone hyped over the Mayan calendar ending without actually having read into what the calendar says. It indicates the end of a 5,125 year long count calendar (The short count was the Venus calendar, 52 years). The end of the Baktun was not a doomsday prophesy, it would have been celebrated by the Mayans because it's supposed to bring peace and interconnection of man kind. They're stupid because they simplified an extremely complex calender into "it ends so the world ends." It's not surprising that weird things will be happening in space on this day. The Mayans were Sun God worshipers and astronomers, many aspects of their religion, buildings, and calender came from observing space and learning it's patterns.

In short, it's stupid that myth ever got out and spread so wide and managed to get so big that the sheer number of people who said "it means the end of the world" and it being so ancient some how gave it credibility as a legitimate theory in their head and they never bothered to look it up.

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