Even though classic rock bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc are legendary and nothing could be compared to them, but that doesn't mean that today's music sucks. Music is still beautiful; just because lots of mainstream songs/singers/bands suck, doesn't mean all of today's music is terrible. Some people should just stop trying to live in the past and give a try to all the amazing bands and singers out there that will one day become legendary as well; amirite?

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You said that music is beautiful and then that mainstream music sucks. If someone wants to only listen to music from years ago, fine. If someone wants to listen to top 40, fine. Opinions are not right or wrong, ever.

@Wunderscore You said that music is beautiful and then that mainstream music sucks. If someone wants to only listen to music...

I completely agree; I have nothing against people who like mainstream music and I myself like to listen to some mainstream music as well; but since most people who love classic rock claim that today's music sucks while giving examples of justin Bieber and nicki Minaj, and I'm just stating that there's more to today's music than just them.

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Honestly; The Killers, The Fray, Green Day, Alter Bridge, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, 30 Seconds to Mars, The All American Rejects, Foo Fighters, Keane, Linkin Park, etc etc.

I know some of you may not like some of the bands I mentioned, but there are lots and lots of other good bands.

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Well I mean we're only hearing the best of music that spanned decades and reminiscing about how good it is, yet we're hearing ALL music of this generation. In like 30 years time people will reminisce about these times and how good the music was, but only because they'll be hearing the very best music from out generation.

There are two problems when it comes to comparing music over different generations.

A: Rose-tinted glasses. B: Variety and connectivity.

Of course everyone is going to look back on their past and think whatever happened then is better than what's happening now. Nostalgia is extremely powerful.

There's also the factor of variety. You absolutely cannot deny that there are more genres of music now than there were in the time-periods of the bands you listed. The more music you have, the more room there is for innovation. There are always going to be more and more music, and that's only going to increase. And of course, the more bands there are, the less special they all seem. This ties in with connectivity. The internet united human beings like never before. We didn't used to have the ability to see EVERYTHING that's happening, we had to rely on mainstream media. When a band got famous, they got REALLY famous because they were essentially the only band in the spotlight. Nowadays, everyone gets their own spotlight, and we can select what bands we are aware of.

In my opinion, music is stronger than ever. The musicians are certainly more talented than they've ever been.

Imagine Dragons is probably my favorite band but if I hear Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj I will probably start jamming along because it's fun and it's catchy and that's perfectly okay. Not every song is meant to leave a deep, long lasting impression in your soul.

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I agree. I think talent is a little different, I don't think you should make fun of someone else's music taste. I mean, I listen to lots of classic rock and alternative, but my best friend loves Nicki Minaj and I don't judge her. Just let people enjoy what they like. Unless your friend happens to like a song called Poop on Face. Then judge the fuck out of them.

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Personally I tend to listen to underground indie rock bands, but enjoy most genres. There are so many artists out there to explore in the world of music, it's impossible to try and stereotype it as a whole.

Walk Off The Earth; they say on their Youtube page they want to be the "best band," and it's definitly possible, they're super talented.

Today's music doesn't suck. Today's pop music (and pop culture in general) usually does though

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