The youth of today have it way too easy. Just once I would like to see them have to go through the trouble of blowing into a video game just to make it work.

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Ya know, most parents want their kids to have better lives than they did...

Bitching about progress is not a good thing. I'll bet your great-great-great-great-great......great grandfather isn't pissed that you don't have to run from prehistoric elephants, deal with tribe wars and search far and wide for a little fruit to eat.

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@BL199 They had prehistoric elephants in the 1600s?

the ... means an undefined number of greats until ~2 million years ago. The ancestor I was referring to was a n australopithecus in Africa. The prehistoric elephant is a deinotherium.

Oh yeah, because your life was so hard. With video games, tv, and other technologies, right?

I'd like to see them wait 10 minutes for their internet connection to dial up to the internet and then allow you to visit one page every 5 minutes. All the while their parents are moaning at them to free up the phone line and their siblings are waiting to use their family computer....

And to do so twenty times before it did.