Life sucks. Even if you grow to think the world is your oyster, one day, you're just going to reize, the world, and life in it- sucks.

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Interesting. I agree but I wonder if it is from the same perspective. I am not like "woe-is-me, life sucks" but more like a philosophical "in general the existence of humans is fucking up the earth". For 90% of humans life would be better if the 10% were not such d-bags.

But everyone can/does enjoy their own life most of the time, and everyone's life sucks sometimes. Problem is most people are too blind to see, or too candy-ass to it.

Cause it's trial after trial... After trial. It's not about how bad life sucks- it's about what you make of it, that matters.

So glad there is this thing called personal growth and that was then while this us now.

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