The "I can go fight in war so I should be able to drink alcohol" argument is dumb. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Alcohol can mess up an undeveloped brain. It's also stolen from an earlier time in American history, when they said it to lower the drinking age to 21 because they could be DRAFTED, not voluntarily go out to war. Stop using it as an argument, amirite?

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And your saying war WON'T mess up an undeveloped brain....?

I trust you've heard of post traumatic stress disorder? Extremely stressful situations can mess up a brain as well. Why let an 18yr old decide he/she wants to join the military when he/she can't be trusted to decide whether or not to drink alcohol?

Some people are financially forced to go fight because they have no money for education to get a decent job, and the military claims that it will pay for education (and often doesn't end up doing so.) Many people end up going to war because as 16-year-olds, they were approached by military recruiters with the skills of a salesperson, giving a distorted view of reality. This is also a time when the brain is undeveloped.

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