It's really irritating when people automatically associate liking indie music with being a hipster.

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I may or may not be a bit of a hipster myself. I often find myself listening to independently produced music, but that is not simply because it is independently produced. It's either because I like the message in the lyrics or because I find it musically intriguing.

Also, slightly unrelated, my iTunes library apparently feels the need to classify anything by Frank Zappa as indie rock.

I'm an avid dubstep/EDM fan and I find it extremely irritating when people say that dubstep is just random sounds and its crap. They don't pay attention to details and rate it for just the independant sounds they hear. "Sounds like a dial-up modem" really grinds my gears. There is quite a musical complexity that goes into EDM that some people don't pay attention to or appreciate.

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Indie music just means independently produced.

There could be a song like "blah blah blah brush my teeth with Jack you a stupid hoe" that was independently produced. If you like that but not Nicki Manage or Kesha just because one is independatly produced and one isn't you're a hipster.

Indie doesn't describe the sound of a musical genre- if it did than I would YYA. But since it just means you like music than is independently produce- yea, it makes you a hipster.

It would be annoying if someone assumed you were a hipster just because you like AN indie song- but if someone knows you just listen to indie- don't be surprised or annoyed when they accuse you of being a hipster.

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If it describes the sound of the music then it would be annoying if people assumed you were a hipster.

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