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Why is violet up there but not purple? no smilie

Red, white and blue.

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@Caitlin Silver.

I love silver too. I loved silver, green and black before they were notorious Slytherin colors.

I'm surprised pink isn't up there?

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i'm not sure, but ive always wondered something: you and I would both agree that lettuce would be green, or a certain wall would be blue. But would we all see that color the same? I may see blue completely different than you do, but we may both know it as blue.


Just look up studies on colors from a psychology standpoint.

Scarlet turquoise.

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You're upset that your favorite color isn't up there?

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I don't have one, but if I did it would be pale blue or turquoise or pink or green or black or silver. There's just pretty colors then colors I don't like, like red and brown. But I do like amber, which is kind of like brown.
I dunno. I like them all usually.

Motherfucking Rainbow.

Pink! ;))


I love all of the colors. Really. I used to always say rainbow when asked this. Sometimes I give different answers. Like sometimes I say, "Black, Pink, Blue." Then other times, "Black, Green, White." I can't just pick one favorite color!

Depends on what it is. My favorite crayon color is blue, but my favorite color to wear is either red or yellow.

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