Sometimes you wish you could be a modern Shakespeare. To be poetic, fluent, and to have such a wide vocabulary that you'd never be speechless when you want to make your lover feel better.

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Well, Shakespeare didn't just have a wide vocabulary. He invented many NEW words as well.

I believe he invented over 1000 new words, and incredibly he was still considered a genius IN HIS OWN TIME. He also coined hundreds if not thousands of new phrases, and came up with some brilliant insults. While most common tudor insults at the time were something similar to villainous villain, saucy rogue, and vassal; Shakespeare came up with far more creative and descriptive insults. A few of my favourites are "Beslubbered, pebbling, churlish, clotpole" "Gorbellied, mewling, hedge-born, onion-eyed, fustilarian, cobloaf" "hugger-mugger, moldwarp" "Yeasty, tickle-brained, whey-faced, nut-hook, skainsmate".
Wow. I watch far too much "Horrible histories".

true, but sometimes its better not no say anything...or its just pointless to speak

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