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I'm just looking at the reflections of the balls and wondering why the background is gray and not the outdoors.

Photoshop, man.

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Congratulations! I haven't favorited a post in forever!

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This comment was deleted by its author.
This comment was deleted by its author.

If someone copies a life changing statement from another site and they source it, why shouldn't it be POTD. I don't think you truly know what a POTD is. POTDs show what amirite truly is, and it is a collaboration of peoples' thoughts from everywhere. It doesn't matter if those posts are original, what matters is if it is an awesome post that does what the poster wanted it to do. You could hear the best joke from an underground site that nobody goes to, and it will remain hidden from most if it doesn't get POTD.


You need to get over yourself buddy. Posts being reposts of have always been POTD because the newer poster is more than likely a rather popular user, compared to a the original poster, who probably used Amirite for a month and then forgot about the site. I'd rather see an active user gain a bit of both glory and disrespect for some post than a guy who made 4 posts in their time here. As for creaming yourself over citations, i know for a fact you knew they didn't exist until a few months ago, and that most people either forget to use them, or are posting from a mobile site. So stop being a dick and just report the post, instead of calling the poster out like they just murdered a guy.

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and it will probably get uploaded to instagram at some point

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