I think we should place a greater emphasis on teaching children basic skills, like cooking and cleaning. I think we should make at least one semester of home economics mandatory in high school.

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You're generally expected to learn that at home. I think an optional class is fine but I wouldn't want to take a mandatory FACS class when I could be doing something that would help me with a future career. I feel like people would take an optional class anyways because I've found that Home Ec is generally recognized as a blow off class.

We should also get rid of pointless crap that we learn early on. I mean, who the hell needs to know cursive?

We had to take Family Consumer Science in middle school. It was pretty cool, we learned how to cook some neat stuff and had a unit on babysitting. High school probably would have been better though, I don't think we cared enough to retain anything about how take care of babies at 13.

We did that in high school, but I can pretty much guarantee you that nobody remembers much at all. It's stuff you should be learning at home, anyway.

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Maybe, but just for girls.