It's better to be a social outcast than to go out every other weekend and get drunk as hell and totaly wasted

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I don't like going out an partying so I don't. Some people do like going out an partying so they do. Neither is "better" than the other. On the one hand- you've got alone time to do whatever you want. On the other- you get to meet new people. It really just depends on what you like, they're both fine. And honestly? Social OUTCAST? I doubt anyone who lived life as a true social outcast would say it's better than drinking every other weekend with your friends.

People in real life push extroverted qualities as if those were better. People on the internet have this holier than thou "I just read and stuff all weekend not because I have no friends, I just like my alone time- I'm better than you cuz I don't party" attitude. Can everyone shut the FCK up and let people do what the fck they want without saying "well this lifestyle choice is better than this one."?

just every other weekend?

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Having friends and not getting wasted every other night aren't mutually exclusive though.

What's wrong with getting drunk on the weekend and why does everyone assume this is what popular people do?

Depends which one is the happier person..

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