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Personally I'd love to eliminate taste. I'd eat all the healthy foods that I dislike and quit eating sweets for their taste.

Without smell, do we have taste or vice versa?
It'd be interesting to know

other isn't an option (:

I'd say taste. That's the only way I'd eat healthier.

It goes between taste and smell because those are probably the least important senses. I'd pick taste because even though I love tasting my food and how amazing it is, I feel like smell is more needed. I love smelling my boyfriend's amazing scent and even more importantly, what if my house is on fire? I wouldn't really notice, especially if I'm sleeping because I wouldn't be able to smell the smoke.

I think about this all of the time. I have no idea; I couldn't imagine life without one of the senses.

Some people who are deaf are also mute, so

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