As long as you are doing your best every day, you have nothing to regret

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There's nothing wrong with regret. Why do people seem to think it's a bad thing? As long as you try to learn from your mistakes, regret is beneficial.

This is a good post. But it probably won't get featured because only shit posts make it to the home page nowadays

If you were raised in a family that, let's say, runs a dog fighting ring, your "best" could be having your dogs kill as many others as possible and making loads of cash. The same distasteful "bests" could go for a drug dealer not caring who he or she is hurting as long as they sell as much as possible, or a lwayer fighting the best way they can to free a person they know is guilty. Those people should feel regret. It's nice to think that everyone's goal in life is to work hard at things that are beneficial to society, but that's not always the case.

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