You don't know why christians are against gay marriage, Jesus had two fathers and he turn out fine, amirite

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Granted, he has also been nailed harder than most women.

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This post is awesome. I hope it sparks some furious anti-gay protest...but given the quite strong liberal bias on this site, perhaps not. I love when anti-gay-marriage/adoption people say things like "kids raised by same-sex parents will turn out bad/fucked up" --- their theories are amusing, but here are some statistics on the numbers of types of people raised by same-sex parents:

Number of genocidal maniacs: 0
Number of perpetrators of school shootings: 0
Number of FBI most wanted list members: 0
Number of perpetrators of war crimes: 0
Number of gang leaders: 0
Number of drug cartel / mafia bosses: 0
Number of corrupt Presidents/Prime Ministers: 0

Now...that's not to say straight people ALWAYS get it wrong. But so far, the stats remain quite solidly behind us. Same-sex couples stand no more or less chance of screwing up their kid than straight people would. The day when anti-gay marriage people get a damned clue about how life works will be a great day for the world.

What are you talking about? I was told Virgin/St. Mary gave birth to him. Am i missing something?

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