People who grew up with a mentally ill/physically disabled siblings: There have been times, especially when you were you younger, that you wished with all your heart that your sibling wasn't like that, or even that they didn't exist. You wonder what your life would've been like if they had never been born. And then you wonder about the special corner reserved in hell for people like you, who wonder about things like their siblings never existing.

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i have 3 perfectly healthy siblings and there have been times where i wished they'd never been born. They've been times i wished I had different parents and i have very decent parents. I don't think that makes you a bad person. It's completely normal to feel that way at times.

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If Hell exists, then you won't get sent to hell for occasionally wishing your sibling does not exist. Even if your sibling has no mental, physical, or developmental disabilities, this is a common thought I would think.

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