If a woman has been educated about all the pros and cons of a C-section delivery, I think she should have the right to request one, even if a doctor does not deem it absolutely necessary.

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I'm pretty sure every woman has the right to request a c-section.

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They're very expensive and I don't think insurance would pay for it. But, hey, if that's something the woman would be interested in paying for, I think that she should be able to.

Eh, in my opinion, that depends. Is the woman's life in danger should she proceed with a normal birth? There are risks to the baby during the cesarean. No longer is this in the grey area of what constitutes a life. If it's the time where a c-section birth is able to be done, then that thing is undoubtedly a living being and the mother shouldn't be able to put the child at risk for her own desires. If her health is at risk, however, it returns to a debatable gray area that I am unable to fully come to my own conclusion on.

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