Although im against racism and belive in equality for all races. Today we give people special treatment such as black people to prove we are not racist. Especially Muslims we all want to prove we don't think they are teorrist by giving them special is, point is its not equality

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I don't get special treatment wary smilie

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I believe you must have a percentage of students of a racial minority in each school intake and on a board of directors and an employee population.

That is bullshit because if there are 10 units of spaces, and out of the 10 units of white guys and 5 units of black guys (the reason there are less is that it's a minority, which means there are less of them in total, okay?) the 10 capable ones include 8 units of white and 2 units of black, but there is a quota of 30% must be black, thus one capable white guy will not get the post and an incapable black guy, just because he's black.

Lets say one year there are a shitton of genius white kids born. if the intake for all the Ivy League universities is 1 million, and there were 900000 genius white kids applying, 200000 would not get the spot because 30% of the intake needs to be a racial minority.

If you want to show that the races are equal, then they would all be equally smart, correct? Then what's the need for a quota? if everyone's just as smart, a meritocratic system would decide the ratio for you.

@B10ckH34d I believe you must have a percentage of students of a racial minority in each school intake and on a board of...

This is pretty stupid. I used to think the same way, being someone at a disadvantage because of affirmative action, until I asked myself,

Would I be willing to become black to be accepted into a good college?

And, decided that really, no. Why? Because the amount of bullshit that would be thrown my way because of my race would simply not be worth it. Whites and blacks, at this moment, are not quite equal. If they were, I'd have no real conflict transferring to a different race.

Have you really thought about why Asians are flooding the Ivy Leagues and the blacks aren't? It's because of a mindset and cultural way of thinking. A black person getting a 2400 is, on average, way more impressive than an Asian (or white) because on average, they have to overcome a culture or financial status that doesn't really put emphasis on education. Family influence is huge. So is the school environment. It's not something the "privileged" can understand, so they claim they're being cheated.

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I thought there was racial profiling at airports.

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