I think psychedelic drugs should be legalized, just like marijuana. People are going to use them regardless, but if we legalize them, we can create an environment in which these drugs can be used with medical supervision and overdose intervention if necessary. It would also provide a new source of revenue for a struggling economy.

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1, yes, people use them regardless, but they're still pretty hard to get. Especially synthetic ones like acid and 2ci-but others like Dimethyltryptamine and Mescaline are hard to get, too. 2, I don't understand why something like Salvia Divinorum is legal in more places than marijuana. 3, Ketamine,DMT, and PCP (and Salvia, but that's already legal in a lot of places) and even mushrooms and acid in some cases (usually just when used in excess) are known to make people sort of lose a sense of reality and do dangerous things. Point in case, Governor Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona was shot by someone high on Salvia.

It's really hard to use a blanket word like "psychedelic drugs" and say they should all be legal, some of them shouldn't be. If they are going to be legal, like salvia and marijuana in some places, then people need to be taught how to use them properly. It pisses me off to no end when I buy salvia from the smoke shop that they don't explain the different dosages, the difference between extract and plant leafs, how much a single dose is, and don't tell you to use an experienced sitter who will not be tripping with you.

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