We give our children vaccinations to prevent unwanted disease. Likewise, I think we should give our children birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. I think it should be mandated that girls get a 10-year IUD when they start their period and they can't have it removed until they're at least 18 AND they've completed parenting classes.

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ain't that extreme?

Insertion is invasive and nobody should be forced to go through that. Not to mention that some side effects can include PMS symptoms and bleeding worsening, cost, you can get cysts because of them, infection, and they can actually tear your uterus. Yes, they are worth looking in to for some women, but they definitely are not the right fit for everyone. Also, not everyone becomes sexually active when they start their period.

An while we're at 10 year old boys can vasectomies! Can't be too safe, even if it means forcing something upon a child that we don't even know if they'll need.

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IUDs aren't for everyone.I prefer pills.

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