I read a post on a random forum where everyone had to choose between love and money. I thought everyone would choose love, but surprisingly, the majority of people chose money instead. I think our society has become way too materialistic when the majority of its citizens would choose financial security over love and companionship.

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Or it could be that more people have less faith in love. This is just my opinion but in todays society it seems that quite a lot of people aren't as loyal with love as they are with money haha. it sounds bad but in some cases it's true.

Maybe a majority of the people on the forum have never experienced true love (they may be younger and an unmarried crowd). Or maybe there's another underlying variable that's screwing things up.

I would choose companionship over financial security

I know the feeling of lacking both
and lacking companionship feels worse than lacking financial security

that's just me though


I'm not sure how to vote on your post though

I can't tell if majority really feel like as you described or not

the forum you mentioned is probably not a representative sample of the population

What gives you the right to decide they're "too materialistic" if they'd actually prefer the money? To them, they'd think they were just materialistic enough.
No ones's saying you'd personally be forced to pick money.

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I've been homeless before & everything, stayed on the streets too. None of that mattered to me though. What mattered to me was that I had the love of my life by my side.

I agree, most of these people have a warped idea of love. They don't experience pure, genuine love and so it males sense that they would pick money.

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