If poo and a bar of soap make contact, is the bar of soap dirty or is the poo clean?

88% The bar of soap is dirty. 6% The poo is clean. 6% Other
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the soap probably has Escherichia coli
even if visible poo did not touch the soap

I wonder if poo can ever be clean
guess it depends on what you mean by clean

there's fecal bacteria all over
like in the sink, the sponge, counter make-up, washing machine

but it'd be really cool if poo could become clean just by making contact with soap

fuzalas avatar fuzala The bar of soap is dirty. +2Reply

Alternatively, was the fecal matter dirty in the first place?

AdonisBatheuss avatar AdonisBatheus The bar of soap is dirty. +2Reply

Holy shit, I was just talking about this to my mom the other day. Weird.

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough The bar of soap is dirty. 0Reply

Think of it this way. If your bar of soap had poo on it, would you wash yourself with it? If there was a turd that had been scrubbed with soap, would you pick it up?

Thumpers avatar Thumper The bar of soap is dirty. 0Reply
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