I think our next president and vice president should both be women. I'm thinking Hilary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice, or vice-versa.

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That would never happen. Condoleezza Rice runs as a republican, and Hillary Clinton runs as a democrat.

Did you just say the only two women you can think of in politics without actually knowing anything about them such as the fact they belong to different parties?

I really don't think you know anything about politics, judging from this post. First of all, that's never going to happen, you can bet on it. They are part of different political parties. Second, do some research before you start suggesting candidates. Clinton's already stated she doesn't want to run in 2016 (although she may change her mind, given the support), and neither will Rice.

I'll have to wait to hear what they have to say before agreeing to this.

I vote on ideas not sex or race, but p.s I think it's gonna happen.

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