Considering how much a parent has to invest in their child it's understandable that they'd like them to bend to their will, amirite?

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I think that the parent had the choice to have the child (usually) so the parent should listen to the child. If my mother says "my word is law, because I'm the mom" I want to say that I had no choice in that, you 'forced' me into life, without my consent (yes, I was a baby, but still..) and now you are forcing me to do what you say, and telling me I don't have permission to argue my cause just because you had a fun night and happened to get pregnant 15 years ago. (yes, I know that is not always the case, but it is in my house, and most others too as far as I know). In other words, I hate it a lot when my mum uses the 'I'm the mom' excuse, and I have about a million arguments against that, but my comment is long enough as it is.

Understandable but unacceptable.

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