I just read where local animal shelters are gearing up for what they call their "post-seasonal" returns. People get cute little animals for Christmas presents and then abandon them. Thus, there's a need for traps to catch strays. People should think about what they are doing before ever giving a pet as a gift.

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The cat rescue I volunteer at has this problem after Christmas and Valentine's Day. It may be oh-so-cute when a guy gets his girlfriend an adorable kitten, but what happens when she finds out that her apartment doesn't allow pets, or her work schedule means that she isn't around enough to take care of it? Most of the cats we get are pulled straight from death row at the pound, but we've already got 120, not including fosters. I want to cry every time I hear of a cat that's been put down, in the prime of it's life, because no one wants it.

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