I think biological fathers should have a legal say in whether or not their child is aborted. I'm not saying they should have final say, but it's not fair for them to have absolutely no say.

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Legal say? Wanna define what "legal" say is?

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I had voted Agree until I read it again and read the part about the legal say. Yes, the biological father should have a say in it, but whether it should be recognized by the law I am less sure about.

I don't quite know how he would have a legal say but I do think that he and the mother should have a serious conversation about what they're going to do and the pros and cons to each side. Then the mother should make a choice that is in the best interest of her own well being, the child's well being, and, if she decides this, the father's best interest. However, if he wants one thing and the mother wants another they are not at a stale-mate because it's her body and she has ultimate power over it. All of this being said, I think that if she doesn't even consider what the father has to say she's being extremely selfish unless an abortion is mandatory for her safety.

I would define 'legal say' as the two are legally mandated to have a conversation in the presence of a judge or counselor or something. Since this is a black and white choice, and no compromise can be made, the mother only has to listen to the father and no one else can directly alter the decision.

I think that the problem with your position is that the moment the father has a "legal" right he can stall the abortion, fail to appear for the sessions, etc. and delay the process. Furthermore I don't think that you've considered the psychological effect on the mother. Abortions are already traumatic (not to mention invasive, painful, and generally unpleasant) and adding further "legal" loopholes that the mother has to leap through is unfair and unkind.

If it is your intention that the father merely has a right to be informed that the abortion is taking place and have a chance to state their opinion then that's okay (although logistically problematic since only the mother knows who the father is, so she could write down any name and that guy would be informed).

All in all I think this idea is poorly thought out.

The only way this could work if they wanted the child to live would be through some kind of legal document that guaranteed theywould take care of it by themselves with no help from the mother. Even then, there are so many flaws.

What is a "legal say"? I can't vote on this post until you clearly define what exactly that is.

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