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"I'm a gay man, and have always felt strangely about transgendered people. It really ticked me off yesterday on here when a woman claimed to be a gay man born as a woman. As in, a woman who changed sexes to be a gay man. Honestly, what the fuck? She was getting upvoted for her "bravery" and kept going on about how much she hates the word "tranny". I'm fine with gay people and transgendered people that feel they were born into the wrong body due to their attractions, but to all the people that are transgendered and homosexual, what the fuck? Seriously, you change sexes to be with the sex it is normal for your birth gender to be with. Just why? Do you really feel that you were born into the wrong body to be with someone of your opposite real sex? I feel like I should feel bad for thinking this way, but I really don't, as I think it's fucking ridiculous, and that somewhat bothers me. The whole thing just makes no sense to me. Let me just put on my downvote armor so I don't die from being downvoted to oblivion.
Rant over."


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@AppAwesome "I'm a gay man, and have always felt strangely about transgendered people. It really ticked me off yesterday on...

Because people aren't transgender "due to their attractions." Your sexual preference is different than your gender identity. A gay transgender man identifies as such because he feels as though he was born in the wrong body and happens to like people of the same gender.

I don't personally know a single straight transperson. I know someone who is ftm but is attracted exclusively to men, and I know someone who is mtf but is attracted exclusively to women. People are trans because of the gender they identify as, not because they want the gender they are attracted to to make sense. Trans is not "gay to the extreme" as some people seem to think.

I wouldn't question it.

Actually transgender and homosexual are completely different things. Transgender as you can see has the word gender in it, gender is just how you'd like to be identified. Where as sexuality is who you are attracted to. So therefore they have nothing to do with each other.

A good friend of mine is ftm, and likes women, so technically he would be considered homosexual until he fully transitions. Another friend of mine is mtf, and she likes women, so she's technically straight now, but won't be after the transition. While being transgender means that the person is the gender that they identify as, not the one that they were born, being homosexual is defined as being attracted to someone of the same gender as you physically are when the attraction happens.

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