I don't think advertising should be allowed in public schools, because in my opinion, that's changing the school from an unbiased place of learning to a place that focuses more on profit than education.

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I can't really agree with this...I mean, it's not like the teachers are plugging various products in class right? There's no real harm in earning extra money from having some signs or boards or logod trash cans etc. What difference does it ACTUALLY make? I don't see the connection between the ads and how they effect education standards in the school. Care to elaborate? In terms of bias too, MOST schools carry some form of bias, whether it be religious, political or commercial. I don't think schools should lose out on a good opportunity to make much-needed funds when it comes their way.

Brings in money, helps small businesses, and no one pays much attention to ads anyway (at least not at my school).

In my town's school district, they are having buses have advertisements for our local businesses. I don't see much of a point in it since no one outside of my town will see them and we all know what we have here. It's a pretty rural place.

On topic, I think advertisements should not be in schools because it doesn't really matter. Unless the school is getting paid extra money and the school is putting it to good use, then there should not be advertisements.

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