A group of people were recently asked if pedophilia is wrong or not, and I was so shocked to read that almost two-thirds of the people polled said no! Pedophilia is unnatural, and it IS wrong!

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Touching children is wrong. Having attraction to children is not wrong.
Having violent tendencies is not wrong. Not controlling them is.
See where I'm going with this?

Pedophilia is natural. But it's wrong because a child can't consent (with full understanding) to a sexual relationship.

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You don't like it tight?

Who are you to tell me who I can and can't love?

It isn't natural?
What is it? Supernatural?
Nature is everything. We're part of nature. Cancer is natural. Bipolarity is natural. Pedophilia is natural. Super novas are natural. Dog shit is natural. All of it.

Even if we want to use some narrow version of the word nature it doesn't matter that it's unnatural, so are our buildings by the same metric. LETS GET RID OF BUILDINGS, GUIZE, THEY'RE UNNATURAL!

The issue is not if it is or isn't natural though it's IS IS MORAL? What effect does how natural something have on it? NOTHING. "Unnatural" is just some stupid word that people would like to try and make stuff sound bad but there's nothing inherently wrong with it.

I have no idea what my points is. I'm sure it's in there somewhere though!

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