My brother is my best friend. He is the only one who knows everything about me. He used to get so mad at me when we were kids yet stuck up for me and always got me out of trouble. Siblings are the best.

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"I have a cute rabbit. He's playful and doesn't shit everywhere and can talk and fly without wings and cuddles with me. Rabbits are awesome"

No. Yours is. In general they're not.

My brother is awesome too. :D He's 2-3 years older than me, but we've always gotten along pretty well. We used to take turns making treasure hunts for each other by making cards with clues on them that led to the next one (e.g., pillow = "something you sleep on"). Then we gave each other presents at the end, but his were always SO nice and mine were...well, only as good as I could come up with. XD We also used to have wrestling games; he would make each 'level' progressively harder for me, but he always let me win eventually. (Although when I beat the final level, he faked his own death, and even though I knew it was fake it still made me really sad! :,( Haha.)

Seriously, though, my brother is awesome. :D

My sister and youngest brother are jerk offs, my sister always talks about wanting our father to die so she can get whatever he left her in his will. I mean sure our dad's a jerk-off but he supported us throughout our childhood so it's rather screwed up to want him to die.
My youngest brother's just a douchebag, he's always talking about how "dank I are, bro you don't even know!" he's 26 and still lives with our mom for god's sake.

My middle brothers are awesome though, they both work high paying jobs but are extremely humble and always helpful to our parents as, etc.

It's a toss up if your siblings are good or not is where I'm going with this.

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When we were children, my siblings used to TRY to get me IN trouble. I used to try to get them in trouble, too. It's all good though. We laugh about it today.

You know my brother is the greatest person in my generation that i know, a few months ago he started "hating" me but recently his bestfriend punched me and knocked me out and when I came around my brother was there and that kid was on the ground

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