I don't like to give money to beggars. I feel like it just rewards the behavior and encourages them to beg more, rather than encouraging them to get a job and make money for themselves.

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I don't like upvoting your posts. I feel like it just rewards your crappy formatting, rather than encouraging you to continue attempt to properly format your posts.

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Im pretty sure they don't need encouragement to do it, I'm pretty sure sleeping in the snow with no heat and not eating enough is enough to push them to go and beg.

I'm pretty sure they would get a job if they could. They don't have cars, so they can't up and drive to a job interview. No phone or computer to call and try to GET an interview. They might not have an education. And frankly, there's not even that much jobs left. Do you think those people chose to have a life of a beggar?

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