Which one of these do you think is the biggest category of discrimination/oppression in your country at the present. Please comment explaining why, and please only use Other if you believe there is a category not mentioned, not if you "believe they're all equal" or something.

9% Sex/Gender 20% Race/Ethnicity 26% Class/Income 6% Disabilty 12% Religion 22% Sexuality 5% Other
3 32

Are we doing your homework for you?

Caitlins avatar Caitlin Class/Income +17Reply

I'd go with gender discrimination.
A woman was gang raped recently and it's caused a lot of controversy.
And there have been many more reported cases of rape and molestation. angry smilie

Bun10s avatar Bun10 Sex/Gender +11Reply

Sexuality in the US because like whenever something/someone announces that they are or support/are against non-straights, the media goes crazy and people start to hate or respect that person/thing instantly. Like Ellen Degeneres or Obama or chick-fil-a.

cremep0pss avatar cremep0ps Sexuality +8Reply

It really, really, depends. Class/income for which one has the biggest disadvantage, but not discriminated against in the same way people are for other things that are on a more personal scale rather than disadvantages from logical outcomes of the circumstance. Same with the disabled, they're at a disadvantage when it comes to certain jobs/places that aren't wheelchair accessible, not many people discriminate on that personal level (though people with severe disfigurements beyond just being disabled, that's a different story. Some people are frightened or think they're also mentally disabled, too).

When it comes down to which is discriminated against on that personal scale and beyond simply disadvantaged, it depends on region. Somewhere like San Francisco is likely to not be very sexuality discriminatory. Sexuality and race I think are really different depending on area of the country you're in. Sexism and biased toward a certain religion(s) probably vary some what, too. Out of those, I think racism and sexuality discrimination fair out pretty equal in terms of how abundant it is is with gender discrimination and religion playing a close second. Although, you can't automatical...

@Frank_n_Furter It really, really, depends. Class/income for which one has the biggest disadvantage, but not discriminated against...

ly tell someone's sexuality and can't always tell what religion they are. You can tell someone's gender (mostly) and their race (for the most part.)

It depends too much on too many factors to give one concrete answer.

God, this is such a good post! This is the kind of thing amirite should be about. Props to OP. y smilie

Anyway, I went with class/income because it's one of those issues that's never going to disappear. There will always be people that make more/less money than you and that will always affect our large nation immensely, as it's doing right now with the whole fiscal cliff decision. Class/income has always been a dividing factor thoughout history and it remains one today.

Women have made leaps and bounds in terms of equality so I didn't choose that option, I feel that minorities have also been more or less well accepted and integrated in the U.S. (to an extent of course), and more and more people are supporting gay rights (at least where I'm from), so I feel that it's not as big an issue as it was 10 years ago, although it would be my second choice because it's still a cause for discrimination.

I said "Class/Income" because it seems that people make assumptions about people based on their income whether they know it or not. Even I'm guilty of it. If I see someone that is in old clothes, or maybe has dirty teeth, I almost always automatically assume that they don't make a lot of money.

BagelFinagles avatar BagelFinagle Class/Income +4Reply

At the moment, I'm vacillating between sexuality and religion. Originally, I put class/income, but I think that's more problematic than discriminatory.

I would choose sexuality because of the whole gay marriage issue, and what the person above me wrote about chick-fil-a. The idea of being gay is always in the media and someone's always talking about it.

I would choose religion because of the problems it's been causing in government. From abortion to omitting the word God from the pledge of allegiance, it just always seems to be a subject of controversy. And of course there's always the Westboro baptist church to make religion look bad, and the fact that Romney was made fun of for being Mormon.

Overall? I agree with the first person who commented. Varies way too much on region. Hard to give such a concrete answer. But in my very small town, I would have to say sexuality so that's what I'm choosing. Where I live is pretty conservative when it comes to that stuff. I'm friends with a gay couple and they are constantly picked on. And I know others who are called faggots and things like that; it's disgusting.

eastcoasts avatar eastcoast Sexuality +4Reply

I can't speak for the whole country, but I come from a relatively wealthy town in Alberta. Sadly a lot of the teenagers (specifically male) for some reason think it's cool to be homophobic and be general douche bag hicks. On two occasions a group of teenagers sped past me in their vehicles yelling insults. On the one occasion they tried to throw some liquid at me (but missed). It's like really? You come from a wealthy town. You ain't no hick homeboy.

IAMSTORMs avatar IAMSTORM Sexuality +4Reply

They are all big problems I suppose, so it's hard to choose. If I had to pick, I'm saying religion, but mainly because that's the most personal to me. When I tell people I'm Catholic, people are always like oh, you must be a gay-hating conservative creationist who strives to be a nun and doesn't believe in science. Not really...

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Religion is actually a big problem in the States too. A lot of people can't tell the difference between Church and State, meanwhile claiming that there's a "war" on their religion because those with authority won't pass laws that essentially mix religion and government.

Both race and religion, I'm from Malaysia.
The government here are racist scumbags.

Aishas avatar Aisha Religion +1Reply

Affirmative Action. They are giving minorites huge benefits simply because they are minorities. They say ski color doesnt matter, but they must have "diversity" at colleges, jobs, etc.
its completely unfair to the hardworking, more competent white people

sb123s avatar sb123 Race/Ethnicity 0Reply
@BetterThanEzra1119 Middle class white girl problems!

It's not just middle class white girls though. It could be poor white girl problem. It could be an Asian problem. It's not just a disadvantage to white people, it's a disadvantage to any race the school already has "enough of."

@Frank_n_Furter It's not just middle class white girls though. It could be poor white girl problem. It could be an Asian problem...

No, it's more of a problem for the middle class because sometimes you're not allowed to apply for a scholarship because even though your parents don't make enough to afford that school, your parents make too much for you to qualify.

@BetterThanEzra1119 No, it's more of a problem for the middle class because sometimes you're not allowed to apply for a scholarship...

That's actually a big problem I'm having right now because even though we live on a single income and most of the money my dad earns goes toward medical bills for my mom, the people who decide what need based aid goes to who don't factor that in. The lifestyle that we can afford is upper low class, low middle class at best but when just looking at how much income we have a year, it's assumed that I don't need the money.

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How so? Yes, women are minority, but the white middle class is not.

On Amirite specifically, I'd say religion is the biggest. It sucks because you think everyone on this site would be accepting of other people's opinions, but I get so much hate for being a Christian.

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