Some people say they're music fans, but they only like one type of genre. Just to be a music fan, you don't care what genre it is, as long as its good music. Amirite?

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I think it is completely subjective and people can like different genres of music more than others. As a musician, I am a lot more annoyed when I ask people what music they like and they say 'I like ALL music! Seriously!'

I am a fan of music. I enjoy the music I listen to, which is mainly rock. I do have some pop and dubstep and indie and JPOP somewhere on my phone, but I hardly listen to it. That doesn't make me less of a fan of my music.

But if they don't like it, they probably won't think it's good music.

I am a fan of music itself, but am not fond of some genres.

i call myself an enthusiast and agree to a degree of your post. i think most people do have a specific genre they tend towards. however an enthusiast like myself takes in a variety of different genres and then have a certain one they enjoy the most. to me if i find that real passion, hard work, and originality is evident in the music (and i'm pretty good at spotting it), i'll most likely enjoy it. i would say it's a combination of that and just my own opinion on personal taste that draws me to a song.

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What do I say I am if I stick to mainly rock but have some other genres in there too?


he has some points. but he's way too biased and carries his points to extremes. like saying Bach and Mozart didn't care about music. it's true that any artist wishes to make a living or be rewarded for their work. that doesn't make it necessarily a cheap "sellout" product. a majority of people just listen to music as an addition to something they're doing. enthusiasts will sit down and listen to music for hours, thinking about the music itself. a sellout is when an artist will confine or change themselves to a certain expectation of the mainstream, (usually simple and uninteresting to real listeners) regardless if they are not enjoying it. Buckley is way off in his generalizations of music fans as he claims they're closed off idiots that aren't open and accepting to new music - and many other claims.

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