Anorexia is not "fashionable". I know that fashion besides money is what makes the world go 'round but what is up with the new skinny people? In the past 15 years fashion has taken quite an unhealthy look at some of the younger models out there.

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The truth of the matter is that, now, being thin is what's considered attractive. Sure, the curvy movement is gaining a lot of ground but, overall, thinner is better in the minds of a lot of people. However, I don't think that being unhealthy in order to be skinny is a good idea. Some degree of dieting and exercise is good for you, but the extreme is, well, extreme.

I eat like a pig but I'm skinny as a twig. Well not really a twig. I just wanted to rhyme.

Like it or not it actually is fashionable to a lot of people.

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This is yet another thing people society has become very polarized on

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