Here's something cool: 1. Take your age 2. Subtract three. That's the age you were three years ago.

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Came here to see if this was posted. Was not disappointed.

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But you got the nine points and the two loves that could've been otherwise mine wary smilie


Oh I didn't know that !!!

Holy shit dude. Math skillz.

A glorious epiphany.

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the fact that this is on the home page, let alone doing successful on the home page shows how much this website has gone downhill.
this post is fucking stupid.

yes i get that it's making fun of all of the other posts like that, no it's not original. no it's not funny.

the new ownership has nothing to do with it. people are either lowering their standards for what makes them laugh, or I just matured too much for this site the past year. absolutely pathetic.

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What a sweet predictions ;)

Can't believe people find this cool.

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@Watchful_questioneer You're saying it didn't work for you?

It didn't man. Okay. 12. Minus three. 9. right? Three years ago I was ten because I had to repeat the fourth grade. IT DOESN'T WORK :/

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It's a TV reference.

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@name Can't believe people find this cool.

I can't believe it's not butter.

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