You don't think that playing MMORPGs is an antisocial activity, amirite?

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For the less savvy of gaming MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game. To my actual point though.

Generally people see a MMORPG player as an antisocial kid who doesn't have social skills but I think that MMORPGs are actually a great place to build social skills and just indulge in social activity.

Many, in fact the vast majority of, MMORPGs I know of encourage team based game-play, you're going to get more loot in some games or just have an easier time taking down an extremely powerful foe that you alone wouldn't be able to.
So you're going to be with other people, generally communicating and/or conversing about other things. It's common and easy for friendships to be based upon the gaming world and bring them outside of it so it ends up being a rather social thing.

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I find it stupid how people (mainly adults, and of them mainly parents) think socialising with people outside your line of sight is antisocial.

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