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I find it's because many people are "thing people". For example, I like a page on Facebook titled "Gun Control Kills". Many of the people who like the page are reasonable individuals who oppose gun control because they are reasonable and well-versed in politics. Many others like the page because they are "gun people" and want to keep firearms legal because they like them. This became evident when the page posted a picture portraying gun control and the war on drugs in a negative light. Many people favored the war on drugs because they simply didn't know better or had no interest in the topic. They have a good stance on guns because they are knowledgeable due to an interest, but turned into the very people they argue against when presented with a topic they don't have an interest in.

Gun people tend to oppose gun control, but will support the war on drugs. Drug people will oppose the war on drugs, but will maybe support gun control. This is predictable, and would lead one to the conclusion that their opinions may not be completely sound. However; reasonable, informed individuals will more often than not oppose both, regardless of where their interests lie.

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Ah, the age old argument "the bad people will always get drugs, good citizens need to be able to keep up."

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It would be quite hilarious if it actually became a war against firearms. I'm not entirely sure how to fight against firearms, without firearms.

Yep! And that's because the people selling the illegal drugs would be the same people with the guns if the guns were outlawed!

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