Since 2012 had 12 months, 2013 should have 13 months, just to be fair

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2011 should only have had 11 months

@MusicIsAGift 2011 should only have had 11 months

it's still important to seek justice for the year and the potential upcoming years that haven't been born yet
even though 2011 and the past years have died

it's like when people die of diseases
we still seek for cures for the others

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"I am a serious person and I only discuss serious things. No funny stuff tolerated here."
That's his bio

this ain't no joke/funny times

this is srs bsns
we should be fair to 2013

awareness is one of the earlier steps
and then we got flu season coming up and all

don't you want equality for all the years?

We should think about year equality for a second...
If 2013 has 13 months then we'll have to give in to all of the years
2014=14 months, 2015=15 months, 2016=16 months, 2020=20 months, 2050= 50 months, 2090=90 months, the year would just be getting longer and longer and so, we'll no longer even know what the exact time is.

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