Obama trying to lower the college credit on income taxes will just deter people from going to college. No wonder other countries have smarter kids than ours.

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"smart" can be several different types of things

some are smart at math
some are smart emotionally
some are smart at memorizing
some are smart at solving life problems

college isn't the only way to get smarter
plus, there's the public library where we can borrow stuff for free

where there's a will
there's a way
a lot of times

Or maybe it will encourage people to move out of their parents homes and become independent, then the tax credit would go to them instead of their parents. If their income is low the impact will be unnoticed, if it is high they can afford to go to school anyways. People will choose public schools over private schools and further reduce the tax burden of the state. Or maybe you are right they will just sleep in their parents basements and smoke blunts all day.

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