Kids want to grow up too fast these days! I can remember when I was a kid - I couldn't wait to hit 16 so I could drive. Then 21 so I could drink. Now I want to go back to 16!

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I think that's normal for kids; we always want to "be grown-ups". After we reach a certain age we become tired of the struggles of adult life and want to be younger again.

I hope you don't really feel that way. If you think that 16 was the best time of your life, you're going to be very disappointed and unhappy for your remaining years on this planet. For your sake, I hope you're wrong.

Honestly, I hated childhood. My family was fine, I wasn't bullied, I had friends. I just hated being a child. I didn't get to meet many like minded people, and if I did, they were older and didn't wanna be my friend. I liked my friends enough, I just didn't relate to them. Being an adult, it's easier to find people who have the same interests as me and I'm in charge of my own life. Yeah there's bills and stuff, but I don't mind.

I remember I was only excited to turn 10, that was it

Idk I like being older, like sure childhood was pretty cool but being is older is waaay better.

Being an adult is awesome!

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